Thursday, November 29, 2012

Where Am I?

I have lived in Nebraska practically my whole life! I don't have any other place to call home, and I wouldn't have it any other way. We are the Cornhusker State. College football is a major part of the great state. The Huskers are about the only sports team we got in the whole state. Which may add to the factor of the most consecutive sellouts by like 100 games. I am a crazy Husker fan, and the stars must have aligned for them once I was born because they won a National Championship.I love living here out on the Great Plains, most people may think it is boring, but I sure make a good time out of it. I have family all across the state. Like most, I come from a long line of farmers. I think that is where I get my desire to be and work outside. I love helping my grandpa on the farm. I have made a lot of memories in rural Nebraska, and to be honest it is a lot of fun!

I am blessed to live in one of the nicest communities in the state! Aurora is where I have called my residence for about 15 years. My friends are awesome. I remember all the good times playing the infamous game of trampoline 21 with Cole and Alex. We may have been little but believe me things got rough, usually Cole starting a fight. Cole, Alex, and I lived in the same general region of town, so we were taking turns going to each others houses basically everyday. Another thing I remember is my neighbor, Tobey, always coming over for like a half hour max to eat our fudgesicles or tortilla chips. He was a little weasel. Our town does so much for us kids, the most recent and important to me is the funding of our new turf field. The field is one of the nicest in the state, and we got the pleasure of having it for our senior year. The people are just so generous and I believe that it is right to give back to the community whether you donate money or materials, or volunteer and do what you can to help others. That is why Aurora is so strong, everybody is friendly!

The Aurora school system is a great one. Most of the teachers are very nice and teach with passion. There are some really dumb things about our school that really bug me, but I will let them slide for the sake of this blog. Even though I would really rather be doing something else with my time, school is really important to me. I have always been a kid with good grades, and I am proud of that. I really haven't had to actually put in effort and try to learn and what not, until this year. I am taking a college calculus class and let me tell you, it is not a piece of cake. Now, some of my classmates may say that it is because of my in class habits. But, sleeping in class almost everyday is only partially the problem. I love football, that is about my only passion this year, I don't do much besides that. Our team was able to go 9-3 this year. it was a pretty good year even though we had a few bombshells and quite a few injuries. I wish Jacob could have played with us, not because he was good, but because he was an awesome teammate and an even better friend.

I have divorced parents so I live in two different places. I love both of them, they both have an outdoorsy taste to them. My brother and I cut down trees, go exploring through the woods, and sometimes just sit on logs. We both love to hunt and while we can shoot guns down there, it is just easier to trap. I have only set one trap last year because it was a loner and I happened to catch a fox with it. At my dads' house we are about working hard to play hard. We got so many four-wheelers, guns, games, a pool, a bobcat, and a freaking race car! We just got a nice variety of things. I love working on things with my dad, even though im not the best mechanic. My moms' house is on a sand pit so, I think it is easy to say that we have a lot of fun. My mom is a nurturing woman, and I am glad because she does everything for my brother and I.

I love where I am at and I don't know if I ever want to leave. This place is where I have developed my habits and it has made me who I am. If I do end up somewhere else in the future I hope that it is a place just like rural Nebraska.

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  1. Rick,

    I love that you are content in this place and it sounds like you will probably stay. I am thankful you didn't criticize the school for the sake of this blog (because you never know who is going to read it!) But you should be able to speak up if you want to!! Love the football photo!