Monday, December 10, 2012

What is My Purpose?

When I think of my purpose of being here I think of a lot of things. The first thing that I can think of when I think "purpose" I think of playing IBA. I am a defending champion and not to brag, looking for my second ring this year. But, in all honestly i love athletics even if they are recreational. It is just fun playing sports and I am super competitive. The second thing that comes to mind, is being a son. You would have to ask my parents, but I feel like I have been just a swell son! I enjoy spending time with my parents, usually. I may be a little more rowdy than my parents were when they were in their prime, but I am the type to one up ya, so of course I must beat them out. I do try to be as helpful as I can and since this is my last year at home I am trying to make quality time with my family before I am out in the world all alone. They also teach me a lot. My dad is more of a hands on teaching me how to do things so that I wont have to pay people to fix things that I coincidentally broke.  He also holds me responsible to do a lot of things on my own so I am prepared. My mom on the other hand teaches me how to handle my responsibilities and money so that I can efficiently survive. Probably the thing that I take the most pride in is making my parents proud. You just get the best feeling ever when they tell you that they are proud of everything you've done. I always know that they will have my back whenever I am in trouble or need help.

Another purpose that I feel is important to me, is being a student. I take a lot of pride in being a good student. I have had good grades all my life, with the exception of college calculus, but I'm not even going to accept that as a part of my life. My student purpose at the moment is currently filling out scholarships to try and get every penny I can before college. I plan on going to a four year university and getting at least a bachelors degree, maybe even a masters if I am feeling ambitious. I hope to be going to The University of Nebraska at either Kearney or Lincoln. I'm honestly not sure what I want to go into as a major, but just going to college will be a fun and educational experience.

I hope to get a degree dealing with Agriculture and work with agriculture after I am done with schooling. My whole family has been in the agriculture business for as long as I have ever heard. My Uncle works for the Coop and I have been with him and think that it is a pretty sweet gig. And all the rest of the family farms, and I have worked for them, even though it was for family it was still good learning.  I just don't think the whole office and indoors all the time is what I want. I worked for the Aurora Cooperative this summer and I just loved being able to work outside, even in the bad weather.   I realize that agriculture is a large part of our economy and how Nebraska works. We have like the best opportunity in the country for growing crops, so it should be a good thing to be involved with. Another purpose that I think all people who are put on earth are supposed to fulfill is to start a family. I hope to someday be able to have a family in Aurora, or someplace similar. I am not about being a big city boy, so I would prefer to live in the country.

People don't know what they are there for in life until it is laid in front of them. You can't be totally for sure what your purpose is in life, it is a mystery. So, like most people of the world I am not sure at all what my life will turn out to be. Hopefully I will realize it when it happens. I think that my "plan" is something good that I wouldn't mind following. All I know now is that I am enjoying life and living it very close to its fullest!

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  1. I am certain that you will figure out your purpose in the next few years and I can see you being involved in agriculture in some way, because I think it will make you very happy!

    Dr. English